I try to feed my family clean & healthy meals. But I also want to make them extremely yummy, so I don’t have to fight anyone to eat! 🙂 I try to make our eating experiences enjoyable & not screaming at my children to “eat your food”. I think that’s a problem with a lot of families with small children. Forcing your children to eat their dinner & not allowing them to enjoy the meal. I’m not saying that every meal I make is perfect & that my kids do not ask me, ” how many more bites until I can have dessert” some nights. But overall I think we have established a good dinner routine, where we  sit down, having a family meal, we all enjoy! 🙂

I absolutely love Pinterest, of course who doesn’t! Most all my meals, come from recipes I have saved there. Even though I have several Food boards, it is so FULL of recipes I have tried, want to try, tried & didn’t like & ones I will probably never try. It’s so hard to find what I’m looking for or for me to remember what we all thought of the recipe. I wanted to make this blog to first share my meals & secondly to make my recipes a little easier for me to find! I hope you enjoy & that this page can help you make mealtime an enjoyable & healthy experience in your home too!! 🙂


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