We all want abs right?! So I choose this to be my first post for that reason. Have you ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. It could not be more true!!

You don’t need to do countless crunches or hours of planks!! Those clearly help, I’m not against training my core. But abs are truly made by adjusting your diet. For me, it doesn’t take much to lose or regain my abs.



These pictures are literally two days apart. I did not do 100 sit-ups. I didn’t even workout extra hard, in the following days. In the first pic, I had a rough weekend of eating poorly. I got right back on track & went back to my normal eating as well as fitness routine. The bloat went away & my abs came back!! It’s that simple.

Your diet is the most important!!! In my opinion. If you say you cannot find time to workout, I have been there & I completely understand. But do not slack on your diet! It’s not hard to meal prep. It takes some organization skills & time. But it is SO worth it. I promise. Not only will you look better. You will feel AMAZING!! That’s the best part!!

But that does not mean you starve yourself!! I eat constantly. To grow muscle you need enough protein, healthy fats & also carbs!! No soda! No fast food! & LOTS of water!!!

Thank you for reading my first post!! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions!!